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Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

The average American faces health concerns such as obesity, heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes, and/or cancer at some point in their life. Likely, we all know someone who has struggled with these concerns – if we haven’t faced them ourselves.

But did you know that all of these concerns can be linked to the average American diet?

In fact, a lot of the major health concerns facing Americans today can be treated and reversed with the right nutrition plan. Whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) nutrition is the best nutrition for improving your overall health and wellbeing.

On a WFPB diet, you get all the nutrients your body needs to prevent, improve, and reverse disease, produce energy efficiently, and lose weight. It can make you feel more energetic, positive, and clear-minded.

A WFPB diet replaces animal and ultra-processed foods with a wide variety of nutritious whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and spices, and it opens you up to a lot of benefits.

The Top 12 Benefits of Adopting a Plant-Based Nutrition Plan at a Glance

  1. Lower your blood pressure
  2. Lower your high cholesterol
  3. Lose weight and maintain it in a healthy way
  4. Prevent and reverse chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes
  5. Decrease your risk and slow the progression of certain cancers
  6. Prevent and slow the development of Alzheimer’s
  7. Decrease or eliminate your dependence on many medications
  8. Strengthen your immune system to get sick less often
  9. Decrease your stress and improve mental clarity
  10. Improve your sleep and boost your energy
  11. Improve your mood
  12. Feel better overall

Read on to learn just how a plant-based diet can give you all of these benefits.

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Lose Weight in a Healthy Way

Our bodies use the calories we eat to power our functions throughout the day. When we eat more calories than we need for energy, our body stores those extra calories as fat, leading to weight gain over time. When we consume fewer calories than our body needs, our body taps into stored fat cells to get the energy we need to function.

It may seem like consuming fewer calories will leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Many foods on a WFPB diet are high in fiber which contains no usable energy source and passes through your system without being broken down as fat. This helps you feel full for longer.

The foods that you consume on a WFPB nutrition plan contain fewer calories and more fiber than highly processed or animal product foods. Therefore, on a WFPB diet, you consume fewer calories and feel full faster, allowing your body to decrease stored fat and lose weight.

Someone on an average American diet can expect to lose 2-7 pounds in the first week of a strict WFPB diet. Typically, rapid weight loss such as this causes concern, but with WFPB nutrition, you will be receiving all the nutrients your body needs to function and feel great from natural food sources, so the weight loss is both healthy and expected.

Unbelievable Health Benefits

Not only is a WFPB diet good for your waistline, but it’s also excellent for your heart and brain.

Heart disease tops the list of causes of death in America. Cancer, Alzheimer’s, cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes are also near the top of the list (source). A WFPB diet has been scientifically proven to prevent and reverse all of these diseases.

Heart Health and Plant-Based

Ultra-processed foods, animal products, and highly refined oils are all high in fat. Over time and in large quantities, fat can clog arteries which can cause high blood pressure and high cholesterol and lead to cardiovascular disease.

On the contrary, foods that come from plants are naturally low in fat, and consistent WFPB nutrition naturally lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, preventing and often reversing heart disease.

In a study by the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, it was found that “improving plant-based diet quality over a 12-year period was associated with a lower risk of total and cardiovascular mortality.”

Type 2 Diabetes and Plant-Based

30 million Americans have diabetes, suffering from high blood pressure, constant pinpricks, relentless checking of levels, sudden increase/decrease in energy and other symptoms. Type 2 diabetes can develop over time due to an unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle.

Consistently consuming healthful plant-based foods is beneficial for the primary prevention of type 2 diabetes (source), and plant-based diets have been known to decrease the dependence on medication for those who have developed type 2 diabetes. Six studies reviewed in a report in The BMJ, a medical journal, documented a reduction or discontinuation of diabetes-related medications among participants when they adopted a plant-based lifestyle (source).

Alzheimer’s and Plant-Based

In an article published by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, it is claimed that foods high in saturated and unsaturated fats can increase the risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s. However, “power foods,” such as kale, avocado, and blueberries, can keep your brain healthy and significantly decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s.

It’s no surprise that these “power foods” are all plant-based. By eating plant-based foods that are rich in nutrients and vitamin E, you decrease your risk of developing brain disease.

Cancer and Plant-Based

Plant-based nutrition makes your heart, blood, and other internal defense systems much stronger – even strong enough to fight or prevent cancer in some cases.

In a video released by Dr. Micheal Greger, he talks about how people who adhere to a plant-based diet for one year have 8 times the stopping power in their blood when it comes to cancer cell growth. This makes people on a WFPB diet substantially less likely to develop certain cancers.

Mental Health and Plant-Based

Not only does WFPB decrease your chance of developing physical disease, but it also improves your mental health. On a WFPB diet, you will feel as though you have more energy to get you through the day and better focus during your daily activities.

In the same review published by the BMJ, depression levels dropped in those who participated in plant-based diet intervention. After just a few days of a strict WFPB diet, you will be able to notice that you are thinking clearer and more positively than before.

Get Started with a Plant-Based Diet

A plant-based diet is worth a try if even a single benefit we’ve listed could improve your well-being. At the end of your first week, you’ll feel noticeably different, and your medical stats – weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol – will look noticeably different.

We offer a four-week program to help people like you test out a WFPB diet. After a new participant completes our four-week program, they report feeling more positive, energetic, and clear-minded, and their weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol significantly drop since their initial consultation.

We believe in the power of plant-based so much that we offer a money-back guarantee that your cholesterol will drop 20% or more.

But the only way to know if it will work for you is to try it for yourself. We recommend starting with the Daily Dozen below, but if you think you’ll need a little help with meals, motivation, and accountability, this is the best place to start.

DR Gregers Plant Based Daily Dozen

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Absolutely amazing food quality and flavors! What Mike and Ryan are doing is several levels above any other plant-based food we have experienced in this region, let alone ever! A phenomenal chef who is able to adhere to "healthy" vegan principles (WFPBNO ingredients) and achieve meal ensembles at this level is a rare find. EVERY item we have eaten has been amazing. The health benefits of WFPBNO are indisputable, but the flavors and variety is easily the best we've had. If you are not eating this way, you should try it and you will be blown away. If you are vegan and want to get to the next level of plant-based health...try Sweet Pea and you will see the immediate difference from any other plant-based food provider in this region (no added oils, no processed foods, all plant-based/whole foods). Bravo Ryan and Mike!

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Decrease in blood glucose via A1C

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