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$924.00 $1,320.00

Our Sustain program is designed for anyone who has completed the Whole Health Reset, couples, or Accelerate program. It offers 56 meals to cover your lunches and dinners in addition to 3 hours of one-on-one coaching and counseling with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN).

Many of our clients transition over to the maintenance program to ensure long-term success and to have regular access to a RDN to answer any nutrition-related questions, concerns and continue their health journey and goals. The frequency of sessions with a dietitian will be discussed in the final sessions of the previous program.



Rochester Lifestyle Medicine Institute: WFPB Cooking Series 

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Week 1

60-minute initial assessment that includes lifestyle and dietary analysis, biochemical data review, measurements, and goal setting.

Week 2-3

30-minute follow-up appointments with nutrition education on various topics including nutrients of deficiency, transitioning to cook WFPB, protein intake, and more.

Week 4

30-60-minute closing session with final measurements, long-term plan review, and how to find balance eating WFPB.

Your Plan

A proven weight loss plan that also helps heart health

1:1 Coaching

Weekly one-on-one, virtual coaching sessions (Online) with a Registered Dietitian

Meal delivery

1-2 daily, plant-based chef-prepared meals (delivered to you each week)


The Sweet Pea Plant-Based Journal to track your progress

Store Credit

4 weeks of meals for lunch and dinner

Once you purchase the program, your account will be automatically credited the value of 28 or 56 meals. The credit will apply automatically at checkout when you select your meals each week.

Coming Soon: How to order your meals


Absolutely amazing food quality and flavors! What Mike and Ryan are doing is several levels above any other plant-based food we have experienced in this region, let alone ever!

Nick R.

Kendra, my dietitian, gave me so many great tips and recipes and made my meal plan for me the first few weeks and then guided me on making my own. She was full of so much information and education on the WFPB lifestyle.

Kristine M.

I have already seen good changes in my lipid profile. I have lost some weight and am starting to improve with inflammation and sleep.

Kate M.