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Prioritizing Safety During COVID-19


The top priority at Sweet Pea is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for our customers and our staff.

We are committed to this ideal before, during, and after your meals are prepared.

Before your meals are prepared:

  • Our staff continues to practicing social distancing.  We are a small team.  Even as fatigue sets in, we continue to stay home when not at work.
  • All administrative work, unrelated to food production, happens from home.
  • No staff members are allowed to work if they feel at all unwell.  We are providing paid sick leave to anyone who may need it, to ensure that no one comes in because they can’t afford to miss a day.
  • We continue split our production into separate shifts to limit the number of staff members that come into contact with one another.
  • To ensure these measures prove successful, weekly testing for COVID-19 has been implemented.

During the preparation of your meals:

  • Our staff practices proper hand washing before entering the kitchen.  They continue to wash their hands throughout the course of the work day, at least every 30 minutes; but in practice, more often.
  • Our staff uses all necessary PPE during the preparation, packaging, and distribution of meals.  They change these items frequently to ensure food safety.
  • Our work area is cleaned and sanitized before, during, and after the preparation of your meals.

After your meals are ready:

Customer Pick Ups

    • Our customers call upon arrival for pick up.  Our staff clarifies whether to place order in the trunk or leave the order outside car for customer to pick up.
    • Our staff wear new PPE to bring each order out.  They also wash their hands between each customer interaction.

Customer Deliveries

    • Our staff wears all necessary PPE as they make deliveries.
    • Our staff no longer hand bags directly to customers.  Instead, they ring the door bell and leave the order outside to avoid contact.
    • Our staff uses hand sanitizer between each drop off and changes gloves.

Nutrition Coaching

  • All appointments now take place through HIPAA compliant video conference calls.

We encourage anyone with questions to reach out.  We are ready to field calls and emails at any time.  Stay home and stay safe.


In health,

Mike, Ryan, and Team Sweet Pea