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    Reviews from our clients and customers...

    "I have done and love how I feel on whole-food, plant-based but got off plan. I felt the 10-Day Challenge would get me back on track. Once back on plan it is easy for me to stick with. Eating out can be a challenge but restaurants are getting much better at adjusting to the requests of the customer. Many say the cost of ordering is too much. I am here to say it is not. If you eat out, the cost of your meal I am sure is at least $10. Blood pressure down 25 points in the 10 days and weight down 7 pounds. "
    -S. Beebee

    "I loooooved the meals!!! My favorites were: Chef's Ryan specials, veggie spaghetti with beet balls, sweet potato hummus with socca bread, and zucchini chocolate chip muffin. Jen is absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable, patient and her recommendations helped me a lot during this 10-days challenge. "
    -O. Dancuta

    "Decrease in blood glucose via A1C"
    -M. Gallelli

    "I enjoyed them [nutrition coaching sessions] and felt affirmed and supported. I also learned a lot. Jen is great!"