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A Note from Our Founder, Mike Linehan

Congrats on discovering plant-based nutrition. It has changed my life.

My cholesterol went from 206 to 130, I got off blood pressure medication, I am no longer pre-diabetic and I’m down 50 pounds from my high.

But what really keeps me going is the difference in how my body feels.

I’ve been plant-based for two years now and it keeps getting better – my medical stats and how I feel.  

This is why I want to share this information with you. 

Get Started with the Plant-Based Weight Loss Program

The 4-Week Program Starts with a Virtual Consultation, and includes:

  • 2 Daily, Chef-Prepared Meals (Delivered to You Each Week)
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions (virtual) with Jen, our Registered Dietitian
  • An accountability partner
  • The Sweet Pea Plant-Based Journal
  • Reduction in body weight and cholesterol
  • A lifetime of sustainable, healthy living

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*Please note, all of our sessions are conducted virtually at this time. Read more about our COVID-19 response

1. Health Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

The benefits stretch far beyond just anecdotal evidence.

A rich history of scientific research shows how the whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight off disease.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Lower your blood pressure
  2. Lower your high cholesterol
  3. Lose weight and maintain it in a healthy way
  4. Prevent and reverse chronic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes
  5. Decrease your risk and slow the progression of certain cancers
  6. Prevent and slow the development of Alzheimer’s
  7. Decrease or eliminate your dependence on many medications
  8. Strengthen your immune system to get sick less often
  9. Decrease your stress and improve mental clarity
  10. Improve your sleep and boost your energy
  11. Improve your mood
  12. Feel better overall

Read More About WFPB Benefits

2. Authoritative Guides on Plant-Based Nutrition

The plant-based diet has been encouraged by medical professionals for the last several decades.

Fortunately, the information that Doctors use to make these recommendations are now available to the public.

The best way to get started with a plant-based diet is to educate yourself – here are the leading authorities on the plant-based diet and lifestyle. – Founded by Dr. Michael Greger, this is a leading source of evidence-based nutrition information – from the co-author of “The China Study,” this site is a compendious resource with interactive classes and tools

The Campbell Plan – based off the research from “The China Study,” in this book, “you’ll learn the behavioral principles to succeed in your journey, as well as what to stock in your kitchen, how to read labels and shop, and what to watch for in social and eating out situations.”

3. Eating Plant-Based at Home and Dining Out

Admittedly, it’s easier to understand the benefits of a plant-based diet than it is to implement this into your lifestyle.

But you don’t have to go it alone – there are many ways you can implement this diet into your lifestyle, even if you just start with one day a week.

Here are some ideas for your WFPB diet when you eat at home or dine out:

Sweet Pea Plant-Based Meals – Sweet Pea has a full-time chef who makes plant-based meals for you each week.

  • Similar to HelloFresh or other meal delivery service, except it’s not frozen, and all of the meals are oil-free and plant-based.
  • You can order your meals online each week, and you can pick up at our location, or we can deliver to you
  • You can choose just a couple meals, or pick a meal plan which can feed you and your family for the week
View Sweet Pea Meal Orders

Local Restaurants – hopefully these local favorites will reopen soon!

  • Next Door Bar & Grill does a great tofu poke bowl – just ask to replace tuna with tofu. They have other plant-based meals all the time on their menu
  • Pittsford Pub mushroom black bean burger, beet balls, and enchiladas (these made by Sweet Pea)
  • Owl House has good vegan options, ask about oil free
  • Red Fern – all vegan, ask about oil free
  • Mexican restaurants have good options – Moe’s & Chipotle
  • There are a lot of GREAT Indian Restaurants in the city as well.
  • Newer Restaurants include Redd and Mendon 64.

When you are going out to eat, it always helps to have a plan before you arrive.  If you know they don’t have good options – like a steakhouse for example – eat a Sweet Pea meal before you go and just have a small salad or side dish while you’re there.

4. Plant-Based Recipes, Shopping Lists and Meal Ideas

Sweet Pea meal delivery is an easy transition to the plant-based lifestyle because the meals are made for you, and all you need to do is order, heat and eat.

But if you like to get adventurous in the kitchen, here are some resources with GREAT plant-based recipes, as well as a few of our own. has an expansive, delicious and unique collection of oil-free, plant-based recipes and meal ideas. Visit the site

Forks Over Knives helps you out by organizing hundreds of recipes, so you can browse by category. They also have a neat Meal Planner, which can help you determine a shopping list and set your upcoming meals Visit the site

Sweet Pea’s Recipes are available for you on our recipes page.

5. Videos: Using a Plant-Based Diet to Combat Common Ailments

Bookmark these videos because you’ll want to watch them a few times because they are so rich with information.

The speaker, Dr. Greger, is also one of the BEST presenters on video that we’ve seen.  You will enjoy his presentation.

These videos are made by the most knowledgable and practiced experts on health, wellness, diets and the body.

Note: The titles sound a touch sensational at times, but nonetheless, they do speak the truth.

How to Not Die From Heart Disease

How to Not Die From Diabetes

How to Not Die From Cancer

Plant-Based Foods vs. Aging and Dementia

Plant-Based Foods vs. Arthritis

These videos may make it seem like Plant-Based is too good to be true. The truth is that this way of eating is not a new diet fad, not a flashbang money-maker for pop culture dietitians – this is the method that leading doctors use to treat heart disease, early onset diabetes, and more ailments.