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Plant-Based Food Is Exciting Food!

The Plant-Based Diet is Changing Lives Across The World. If You Are Ready For a Change, We Invite You To Join Us.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, live with more energy and vibrancy, or help the environment, a plant-based diet can help you reach these goals.

In your free consultation, you’ll get to talk with Jen Nguyen, our Registered Dietitian, and learn about the joys of a plant-based diet.

You're Invited to a Free Plant-Based Diet Consultation

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Meet with our Registered Dietitian and Discover the Plant-Based Diet

Living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle has never been easier.

Meet Jen, Our Director of Nutrition

Jen Nguyen RDN Director of Nutrition

Jen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer. She moved from California to New York to complete her dietetic internship through Cornell University. She received a Bachelor of Science in Food Administration and Dietetics, with an option in Nutrition and Dietetics and minor in Hospitality Management from Cal State Long Beach. Currently, she serves on the Board of Directors for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation, the only philanthropic organization that focuses on promoting nutrition and dietetics, is on the Nominating Committee for the Genesee Dietetic Association, and is a member of the New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, exploring Rochester and its surrounding areas, and being active.

Nutrition Coaching with Sweet Pea

Weight Loss Progam Consultation

Our four-week program includes:

  • A customized nutrition program
  • Daily meals (included)
  • Weekly one-on-one sessions with your dietitian
  • Before and after readings of your blood pressure, cholesterol, and body weight
  • The Sweet Pea Journal
  • Lots of support!

Money-Back Guarantee: If you work with us and follow the plan, we guarantee your cholesterol will drop 20% or more — or your money back.

Do You Have Any Questions?

It’s common for our clients to reach out to us before they sign up for the weight loss program.  If you have any questions and would like to know more information, please fill out this form and we’ll respond to you quickly.

Contact Us
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When You Get Started

In our first official meeting, we’ll get started by taking readings on key health indicators, like:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Cholesterol
  • Body Weight
Weight Loss Program Coach

We’ll discuss your dietary concerns, and come up with a customized nutrition plan for you.

You will also select your meals for your 4-week program. Our weight loss programs include 2 chef-prepared meals each day, and we’ll give you an amazing recipe for breakfast that you can make affordably on your own.

Throughout the 4 Weeks...

Chef-Prepared Plant-Based Meals Every Day (Included)

You’ll get to enjoy delicious, chef-prepared plant-based meals. This is the key to losing weight: by simply eating plant-based, instead of meat-focused and/or processed foods, your body will begin to change.

Weekly Check-ins with Jen

You will meet weekly with Jen, so you can ask questions, update your key health indicators, and get support and suggestions on transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Measuring these health indicators is one of the most important elements of being successful with a diet. Watching your numbers move in the right direction is one of the most rewarding feelings and helps keep our clients motivated and excited.

Weight Loss Program

Continue with Plant-Based Meal Delivery

When your 4-week program concludes, you’ll know you have a trusted resource for your health and diet needs. You can continue ordering plant-based meals through our meal delivery service.

Plant Based Nutrition Cauliflower Meal

Reduce Cholesterol by 20%

This program is guaranteed to reduce your cholesterol by 20%, as well as offer you a weight-loss methodology that is sustainable, healthy, and delicious. You won’t have to worry about counting calories or consuming crazy supplements (yuck!) – just continue eating whole-food plant-based meals and your body will thank you. We’re here to help.

Cholesterol Testing
Weight Loss Coaching

Reduce weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, risk of heart disease, risk of type 2 diabetes, and more with our customized personal nutrition coaching program.

Meal Orders

Chef-prepared, nutrient-rich, heat-and-eat meals that are locally sourced, oil-free, sustainable, and designed for optimal health. Available for delivery or pickup.

Our Success Stories

Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation
Weight Loss Progam Consultation

I loooooved the meals!!! My favorites were: Chef's Ryan specials, veggie spaghetti with beet balls, sweet potato hummus with socca bread, and zucchini chocolate chip muffin. Jen is absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable, patient and her recommendations helped me a lot during this 10-days challenge.

O. Dancuta

I enjoyed the [nutrition coaching sessions] and felt affirmed and supported. I also learned a lot. Jen is great!

L. T.

Decrease in blood glucose via A1C

M. Gallelli

Eating out can be a challenge...many say the cost of ordering is too much. I am here to say it is not. If you eat out, the cost of your meal I am sure is at least $10. Blood pressure down 25 points in 10 days and weight down 7 pounds.

S. Beebee

Great concept, good food, even better service. Love the menu, our favorite was the Cauliflower Parm!

B. Mucci

The food is spectacular! Not only are their dishes delicious, they come in hearty servings and they have you covered for snacks with exceptional granola bars, muffins and cookies. I'm so glad I came across this service! Thank you for existing!!

M. Schell

Really have enjoyed this new experience with plant based meals. The variety and level of quality of the meals is outstanding. I did not expect this level of satisfaction with plant based meals. We are looking forward to trying all of the great options offered by SweetPea

M. Shaw

Absolutely amazing food quality and flavors! What Mike and Ryan are doing is several levels above any other plant-based food we have experienced in this region, let alone ever! A phenomenal chef who is able to adhere to "healthy" vegan principles (WFPBNO ingredients) and achieve meal ensembles at this level is a rare find. EVERY item we have eaten has been amazing. The health benefits of WFPBNO are indisputable, but the flavors and variety is easily the best we've had. If you are not eating this way, you should try it and you will be blown away. If you are vegan and want to get to the next level of plant-based health...try Sweet Pea and you will see the immediate difference from any other plant-based food provider in this region (no added oils, no processed foods, all plant-based/whole foods). Bravo Ryan and Mike!

N. Ryberg

Delicious meals! Great way to get started on a plant-based diet lifestyle. Sweet pea makes it easy!

S. Mack