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Massaman Curry

A seasonal vegetable curry with coconut, lemongrass, and Thai ginger.  Served with brown rice.

*Freezer Friendly*


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Nutrition Facts

Calories 327, Total Fat 7.4g, Saturated Fat 2.4g, Cholesterol 0mg, Sodium 335mg, Total Carbohydrate 58.6g, Dietary Fiber 6.6g, Total Sugars 13.6g, Protein 7.3g

Contains: Soy, Tree Nut (Coconut, Almond), Peanut

Ingredients: Potato, Parsnip, Carrot, Celery Root, Garbanzo
Beans, Turnip, Broccoli, Onion, Carrot, Light Coconut Milk, Almond, Tamari
(Water, Soy Beans, Salt), Rice Vinegar, Tamarind, Turmeric,
Massaman Curry Paste, (Dried Thai Chiles, Garlic, Lemongrass,
Shallot, Galangal, Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Coriander,
Cumin, Cilantro, Peanuts, Nutmeg, Turmeric), Brown Rice,
Cilantro, Scallion, Basil, Peanut