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Getting started with a plant-based diet.

A Note from Our Founder, Mike Linehan

Congratulations on discovering plant-based nutrition. It has changed my life. 

Through WFPB, I changed the course of my health: I lowered my cholesterol from 206 to 130, I’m down 50 pounds from my high, I got off my blood pressure medication, and I’m no longer pre-diabetic. 

But what really keeps me going is the difference in how my body feels. I’ve been plant-based for over three years now and I feel younger everyday. 

This is why I want to share the wonders of plant-based nutrition with you. Whether you want to try it on your own for now or you’re ready for more support, we hope Sweet Pea helps you along your journey.

The Perks of Going Plant-Based

It’s not just amazing anecdotes. Whole Foods, Plant-Based nutrition boasts a wealth of scientific research that explains its life-transforming benefits. Read on for our favorite conversation starters!

Lower your blood pressure

Reduce your cholesterol levels

Lose and maintain your ideal weight

Prevent and reverse chronic conditions (e.g. heart disease and diabetes)

Reduce inflammation

Lower the risk and fight certain cancers

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Decrease or drop certain medications

Strengthen your immune system

Improve mental clarity

Improve sleep quality


Increase your energy and mood

Better your overall well-being

Authoritative Guides to Plant-Based Nutrition For Beginners

Whether you’re ready to transition or you want to dig deeper into plant-based education, it’s best to get the know-how straight from WFPB experts. 

We’ve collected and curated our dietitians’ best resources and definitive guides for your reading, viewing, and cooking pleasure. Find information related to heart disease, diabetes, gut health, and more! 

Recipe Websites (1. Simple to 5. More Advanced)

1. Eat Plant-Based 

2. Plant-Based Cooking


4. Plant and Pure

5. Plant Pure Kitchen

6. Monkey and Me

Sample Meal Plans

1. Forks Over Knives 

2. Bernard Medical Center: 1 Week Meal Plan

3. PCRM 21 Day Vegan Kickstart (app)

Eating Plant-Based At Home and Dining Out

Admittedly, it’s easier to understand the benefits of a plant-based diet than it is to implement into your life. Take it step by step!

First, find easy and enjoyable ways to include more plants in your diet on a regular basis. If you have the opportunity, find an accountability partner to share your experience with—having a support system is always key to success.

When you’re ready to take it further, consult with a plant-based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. An RDN can make the process less overwhelming by providing you with structure and the education you may need to put it all together. 

If you’re new to plant-based eating, start with one meal per day—breakfast is usually the easiest. You can take a look at Sample Meal Plans from the previous section for breakfast ideas. Once you’ve achieved one meal, move on to making healthier swaps for lunch and dinner. That’s where we come in.


Sweet Pea is a meal delivery service offering fresh, oil-free, plant-powered meals weekly. No more groceries, prep, or cooking. You just heat and eat—all in a few minutes.

  • Enjoy plant-based goodness prepared by our full-time, in-house Chef and kitchen team—they’re pros at taking plant-based dishes to the next level.
  • Choose one-off meals or pick a meal plan so you and your family are all set for the week.
  • Order your meals online and pick them up from the Sweet Pea kitchen on Sundays (if you’re local to us in Rochester, NY). Alternatively, we can deliver it to you.

Dining out and traveling are still on the calendar. Here are our best tips so you can spot or make opportunities to consume plant-based wherever you are.

  • Check out the Happy Cow app to find local restaurants near you. Most restaurants are accommodating when it comes to special requests, so it is possible to have oil-free meals if you call ahead and check with the Chef.
  • Stick with vegan options and whole foods you can recognize on the menu. Avoid fried foods and highly processed vegan foods that might contain a lot of oil, soy protein isolates, coconut oil, and preservatives like faux chicken, faux burgers, etc.
  • Protein options like tofu, tempeh, and seitan are great!
  • Include at least one salad per day.
  • Carry your water bottle and snacks with you at all times.
  • Stick to your regular meal times and avoid skipping meals and snacks.
  • Get right back to your usual meals, meal times, and portion sizes when you return home.

When you are going out to eat, it helps to have a plan. Look at the menu before arriving and find high-fiber options, most restaurants are accommodating and will take special orders. Give them a call ahead of time to let them know you’re arriving with your specific preferences. We also recommend having a small bite to eat before leaving, like a salad, smoothie, or some fruit.

Plant-Based Recipes, Shopping Lists and Meal Ideas

Sweet Pea meal delivery is an easy transition to the plant-based lifestyle because the meals are made for you, and all you need to do is order, heat and eat. But if you like to get adventurous in the kitchen, here are some resources with GREAT plant-based recipes, as well as a few of our own.

  • NUTRITIONSTUDIES.ORG has an expansive, delicious and unique collection of oil-free, plant-based recipes and meal ideas.
  • FORKS OVER KNIVES helps you out by organizing hundreds of recipes, so you can browse by category. They also have a neat Meal Planner, which can help you determine a shopping list and set your upcoming meals.

Videos: Using a Plant-Based Diet to Combat Common Ailments

Bookmark these videos, you’ll want to watch them a few times because they’re rich with nutrition information and research. The speaker, Dr. Greger, is also one of the BEST presenters on video that we’ve seen. You will enjoy his presentation. These videos are made by the most knowledgable and practiced experts on health, wellness, diets and the body.

The titles sound a touch sensational at times, but nonetheless, they do speak the truth.

Plant-based eating is not a new diet fad or flashbang money-maker for pop culture dietitians – this is way of eating has been proven to be beneficial for decades and research shows it can be beneficial for reducing the risk, slowing the progression, and even reversing certain diseases.