Week 3 – Sweet Pea Plant-Based Kitchen

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Week 3


The food is spectacular! Not only are their dishes delicious, they come in hearty servings and they have you covered for snacks with exceptional granola bars, muffins and cookies. I’m so glad I came across this service! Thank you for existing!!

Marie S.

Really have enjoyed this new experience with plant based meals. The variety and level of quality of the meals is outstanding. I did not expect this level of satisfaction with plant based meals. We are looking forward to trying all of the great options offered by Sweet Pea.

Mark S.

Great way to jump start a new program. Jen was very knowledgeable and helpful. Great food to help you stay on track. I would recommend this program to anyone considering a Plant Base Diet. I will definitely be using Sweet Pea moving forward.

Becky B.

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